Wula drums

Exceptional drums, hand-made in Africa.

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These African drums or djembes are handmade in Guinea (West Africa) by the best drum builders. The quality of these drums is exceptionnal because of the quality of the materials they use and the attention they pay to all the details. I can offer you, beginner to expert, an instrument that you will love playing! The quality of the sound is just incredible!

I also sell goat skins and other accessories,


More about Wula Drum: Wuladrum

Drums for sale

I hold a selection of drums from $500 to $700. Here is an example of each categorie of prices.

For more info about the inventory, and to make an appointment, contact  Catherine.

1-819-777-2208 or catherine@djembe.ca


Master Piece Hard Wood

Out of stock

A unique drum! The sound is ballanced, rich and powerful! 

Price: $900


Special Piece Hard Wood

A wonderful drum. Sound is perfect!

Price: $700


classic Hard Wood

Most of my drums are select hardwood. They have the best quality/price. I hold Lenke, acajou (Mahogany), khadi and douki type of woods. Contact me if you want more pictures.

Price: $600


Select Light Wood


Great light wood drums,  built with a thick skin. They soud wonderful and are lighter than hardwood drums.

Price: $500


Classic Light Wood


Great light wood drums that sound good!

Price: $350


Djembe bag

Price: $95


"Beautiful quality, craftmanship and sound. It is my forever drum! Love, love, love it"

- Katie West

I have never heard or felt anything like these drums. Their energy and beauty surpasses anything I have experienced!! My drum for life!!!

- Trista Mande-Rowe